The Chilean Chancellery would be sending a new diplomatic note to Peru. This, due to the persistance of that country to create a district called ” La Yarada Los Palos “, located in a triangle of land that both countries are arguing to be the proprietors.

This according to deputy Jorge Tarud who said that the information would have been delivered by the Chilean Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz. In addition he told that they requested to extend the stay of the Chilean ambassador in our country who came from Peru in the frame of the first conference between the young leaders of the two nations.

On his behalf, the ambassador of Chile in Peru, Roberto Ibarra, assured to be available if he is required by the parliament and pointed out the importance to treat this kind of conflicts with prudence.

While, the ex-president Ricardo Lagos sustained that Chile must to react to this Peruvian initiative in accordance to what can be considered as the more convenient way, and he also narrated that under his administration , when the tensions came from the maritime limits, he asked to the Army institutions the defense of the frontier.