The president of the Association of Officers of the Registro Civil, Nelly Diaz, made a called this morning together with the ANEF ( National Association of Public Employees), in order to paralize all the public services the coming Wednesday.

The ANEF president , Raúl de la Puente, pointed out that the directory had a meeting, where it was called to paralize the functions off all the public employees of the country. “Because of that we are calling to concrete this national strike on wednesday, and also we have summoned to all the leaders of our affiliated asociations to ratify this morning, at 11.30 am, the paralization”.

Regarding to the current strike, Nelly Diaz, assured that “since the beginning of the paralization we have had the disposition to dialogue with the government authorities but nobody has called us. However, we are still on the same attitude (…) Here we are, all the officers of the Registro Civil, from Arica to Punta Arenas”.

“We are not going to allow firings, because if that happens we will be on the streets defending ourselves, as we have always done it”, she added.