Many conclusions have been showing up from the absence of president Michelle Bachelet from the annual dinner of the industry, sponsored by the Sofofa, the last Wednesday’s night.

This, after the president decided to not assist alluding an overload of her agenda. Despite of that weeks ago, La moneda would have received the invitation and even from her gabinete was confirmed her attendance.

Finally Bachelet’ staff chose to include a visit to the Aysén region, almost in a parallel way to this activity, which had the main purpose of visiting contructions on process.

On her replacement about ten ministers assisted to the meeting. Between them, the state secretary, Marcelo Díaz, the finance minister Rodrigo Valdés, the chancellor Heraldo Muñoz and the energy minister, Máximo Pacheco.

Herman Von Mühlenbrock, president of the SOFOFA, said that the president has missed a valuable opportunity to share with a numerous group of entrepreneurs and business leaders.