By the hand of a pioneer strategy on the country, 7 ports of the BioBio Region will activate a cleaner production system in order to improve production efficiency and stimulate a friendly relation with the environment.

It focuses on natural resource conservation, pollution preventions and skill developments by efficient integration of policy, system, procedures, infrastructures and community supports.

The initiative is encourage by “Corma” with the purpose of transforming the main ports to eco sustainable terminals with a strong commitment with the environment.

The seven ports involved in this Cleaner Production agreement are planning to be under implementation to the end of this year. After the proper coordination with the suitable public services.

The mentioned 7 ports are Talcahuano, Lirquén, Coronel, San Vicente, Cabo Froward, Muelles Penco and Oxiquim, which after an approximate period of 24 month are going to develop a strategy of 7 goals and 64 actions.

Emilio Uribe, the manager of Corma BioBio indicated that for example, they want to promote the valorization of solids and liquids remains, particle material and also the implementation of energetic and productive efficiency programs.