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Mujer talla grande demuestra que no sólo las mujeres delgadas pueden practicar yoga

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Jessamyn Stanley una mujer de 28 años de Durham, Carolina del Norte, dice estar cansada de la palabra “gorda” cuando se utiliza como insulto, y ha querido demostrar que no sólo las mujeres delgadas son capaces de realizar complicadas posturas de yoga.

Stanley quien es profesora de yoga ha demostrado que las frases “los gordos no son flexibles” o “los gordos no pueden equilibrar” son falsas y ha grabado una serie de videos practicando esta disciplina para evidenciar sus capacidades. Además, reconoce se llama a sí misma “fat femme” (mujer gorda) por que no se avergüenza de su estado físico.

“Estoy cansada de que la palabra gorda se utilice como un insulto… Me llamo a mi misma gorda porque lo soy” dijo al sitio británico Daily Mail.

“A los gordos se les dice a menudo que no valen la pena, no se les permite ser atlético, no se les permite mostrar sus cuerpos y ser fuerte. Creo que es absolutamente ridículo” expresó.

La mujer ha sumado miles de seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram en donde constantemente publica imágenes y videos de sus prácticas de yoga y ha recibido varios comentarios de apoyo y agradecimiento por ser un ejemplo a seguir para otras mujeres.

Jessamyn Stanley tampoco se ha mostrado avergonzada por el vestuario que utiliza para realizar yoga. La mujer utiliza calzas y petos deportivos sin ningún problema y solo se preocupa de concentrarse en las posturas.

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London, I will miss you so much. I'm a terrible networker and therefore had fabulous life changing connections with a lot of cool people and didn't bother to exchange contact info. So if you're one of those people & perhaps we split an Uber pool at 4am or cried together after a yoga class or acted completely ridiculous outside a pub in the wee hours or chuckled about the meaning of art at the @National_Gallery or acted really nerdy outside Privet Drive at @wbtourlondon or whatever the fuck, this is my way of saying "IT WAS DOPE AS HELL TO MEET YOU." For real- trust me, I'll be back. ✌🏾️🇬🇧❤️✈️💋 See y'all tomorrow, Dubai- if you're in the UAE, I'll be teaching classes at @voyogauae all weekend- click the link in my Instagram header for more info! And if you're sitting at home with a powerful case of wanderlust and want to live vicariously through my international adventures, follow me on snapchat- I'm @mynameisjessamy and trust me, I am living the American stereotype all over the place and giving no fucks whatsoever.💯✈️💯 Throwback to that time I practiced my #hanumanasana game in the shadow of epic architecture on the Millenium Bridge. Leggings- @lineagewear Bodysuit- @danskinapparel Photo by my love @photoyography Splits by @cbquality

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I'm teaching the noon flow at @durhamyoga today & it's my next to last @durhamyoga class for the summer- see y'all at noon! While walking along the Thames outside the #tatemodernmuseum, @photoyography & I came across this giant bubble blowing display. Rosa asked the artist if we could shoot right in the midst of his beautiful scene. You know me- I was mad shy and embarrassed to break up his display. Not to mention that everyone and their mum was milling around and many of those people stopped to stare at and photograph the chubby black American in flower pants. But there was a lot of smiling and laughing. And Rosa totally distracted from my "stage fright", enough for me to eventually pose on the Millennium Bridge. But this was one of the first shots from that day and it's reminding me to feel really grateful for all the photographers who have pushed me out of my comfort zone this year. I am very shy when it comes to this kind of photography because my attitude towards yoga asana photographs has changed so dramatically since the beginning of my yoga practice. But the best photographers have been sympathetic to my concerns while also getting my ass out into the middle of dense urban traffic if necessary. And it's because they've all been chill enough to just let me do my thing. Anyway, you know who you are, and both me and my practice are really fucking grateful for you. Bodysuit- @danskinapparel Leggings- @lineagewear 📸 by @photoyography

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Today I saw @jillscott and @sherrieshepherd in person. As if that wasn't enough, I sat within spitting distance of @daniebb3 and @theashleygraham. Because the universe is gracious, @msamberpriley was in the mix, NBD. Plus, @csiriano x @lanebryant was the tits, obvi- and not just bc @nicolettemason and @gabifresh were slaying at every possible moment. I saw so many curvy blogger baes that I only ever get to see once in a blue moon, & it all happened bc @susanmosesnyc is a fucking #girlboss goddess who knows how to manifest power, beauty, and strength. As usual, you can watch snippets from my day & especially today's Women Empowerment Summit at the @unitednations on my snapchat! Also, thanks to a really fucking exciting last minute project, my New York trip just grew by a couple of days. Mad love to Lauren Joyner and David Rowan who are covering my classes at @durhamyoga for the next two weeks- i'll be back on 5/24, y'all! From New York, I'm flying down to Miami for a week of creating and vibing at @roamcoliving. I am very excited for a week of bathing suits, sunshine….andddd my laptop because y'all know the hustle life doesn't stop in these streets. ☀️☀️🏖🏖💻💻 Basically, #jessjetset: Spring Edition is in full swing over here- follow me on snapchat (@mynameisjessamy) to see everything go down in real time! Throwback to practicing #headstand #splits in my little London flat. Leggings- @k.deer

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Final hours to get my @codyapp EveryBody Yoga bundle for over 35% off! Without yoga, I don’t know where I’d be. It’s carried me through so many earth-shattering moments, and I’m damn sure it isn’t about “toning my core” or “sculpting my glutes” – at the end of the day we all sweat, bend, press and hold, and breathe because it’s strengthening our spirit. And that’s why I practice. I challenge myself on the mat so that I know how to face shit when it hits the fan in life. Yoga gives me confidence. It’s taught me that when things seem IMPOSSIBLE at the beginning (which it DID, y’all), I am able to reset my mind and say “it doesn’t matter if it’s hard as hell and I can’t do it at all, I’m just going to give it a shot.” Yoga has given me the only two tools I need: confidence and opportunity. Give yourself the same. Free preview classes through the link in my bio! Try the two free previews through the link in my bio! Leggings- @lineagewear Top- @vonscher_active

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I definitely had my doubts about the magic of the @yogabodyfitness #YogaTrapeze- well, frankly, I doubted that the simple mounting frame would actually be able to hold my fat ass in a doorframe. I mean, I rent, NOT own- and I straight up anticipated an awkward conversation with my landlord about how I jacked up his doorframe because of yoga related shenanigans. But the swing absolutely holds my weight- and it's become a part of my daily routine. If you follow me on snapchat, you've probably seen my tits falling out of my bra on multiple occasions bc I can't stop cheesing and snapping when I use this thing. I've tried a few aerial classes in the past, but having an actual swing in my house has made me believe every human being should have one of these on deck. I mean, yeah- the yoga trapeze is pretty effing perfect if you want to work on core strengthening, especially while practicing #inversions. However, I think the beauty of this swing is in the benefits for a novice or non-practitioner. My most life-changing, orgasm-esque yoga swing experiences have been with very passive actions- simply hanging upside down, or reaching back for the sides of my feet. It's like having gravity manually pull my spine out of my pelvis. I've been using the swing for about a month, and it's the first yoga prop that I've legitimately missed while traveling. I would genuinely encourage everyone who complains of low back pain to give this a shot. And @Yogabodyfitness even lets you try it for a month for only $1- if you don't like it, just send it back. But you're probably going to love it as much as I do. And yeah, this post is #sponsored- it happens. But I never talk about stuff I don't like or don't think is worth your time. And I really fucking love this thing. Plus, get 10% off using the code 'JESSAMYN'! Leggings- @lineagewear Sports Bra- @torridfashion Photo by @zoelitaker EDIT- @heavycreammm it looks like the weight limit is btwn 400-600 pounds, depending on prolonged usage! @sarah_stronger idk about official clearance, but my doorframes are low as fuck- 7-8' at the most- and it works fine! I'm @mynameisjessamy on snapchat, @yohippychick! 💋👍🏾

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Before I arrived in Dubai, my personal safety was the #1 concern of all my loved ones. It's common knowledge that Americans are taught to fear this part of the world & I think that fear is misplaced. Honestly, I feel much more unsafe on a daily basis in my hometown than I have at any point while traveling in Dubai & I think it's actually BECAUSE of the different cultural context. Here's the thing- at home, men are liable to catcall/stalk/harass women and their rabid sexual attraction is the only necessary justification. Once, while walking home late at night in NYC, a dude followed me on a bike for several blocks & I eventually started running away from him. When he caught up w/ me (HE WAS ON A BIKE, I'M NOT SUPERMAN), he asked why I was running. I said, "BECAUSE YOU WERE FOLLOWING ME." Then he got all sheepish: "oh, I just wanted to say you look pretty." Every time I've told this story to other American femmes they just shrug their shoulders like, "…duh." American women are pretty desensitized to overt sexism-it's part of our collective rape culture shoulder shrug. And our government has used fear mongering to make us especially afraid of being female across international borders. I'm not saying these concerns are always invalid but I felt safe in Dubai in a way I don't feel safe at home. Maybe it's because of the company I kept or the places I went- let's face it, expat life is kinda like going to Disney World. But I think there's a sizable argument that the US government has created a fear factor in the wake of 9/11 that's actually smoke in mirrors to fan the flames of racism. Again, my experience is based upon a week spent in a very expat-friendly environment so make whatever judgments you'd like based on those facts. But I am walking away from this trip with a deep respect for the religious customs and cultural differences which make for a much less sexually exploitive environment than the normalized life of my homeland. I think we fear what we don't know, and I want to make a personal commitment to stop fearing what I don't understand. #worldcitizen #jessjetset 📸 x @lathief_photography

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Y'all, I'm really enjoying my Denver mini break- I don't think I realized just how much I needed a change of scenery until I got out of Durham County. It snowed all night (and most of today) and I can't tell you how much I appreciate this down time being snowed in with one of my favorite people. Also, I'm thoroughly wearing out both periscope and snapchat- I finally figured out both and I've been snappin' (is that what you say?) all over Denver. I'm @mynameisjessamy on snapchat & @jessnotjazz on periscope- follow me on both to see snippets from my life off the mat (mostly I'm just eating) and hear me ramble about so much stuff that's not really fit for instagram- love, relationships, being black and practicing yoga, etc. This video is a throwback to one of my first successful #headstand attempts w/o a wall- @bust_magazine included me in a round up of yoga youtubes worth checking out & this video is from the archives, back when I spent more time kicking than tucking (if you're about that #invertyoself life, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.) It took SO LONG for me to practice #sirsasana w/o using a wall- I see lots of comments from you guys denigrating your own #inversion practices because of difficulty practicing both with and without a wall. DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT YOUR PRACTICE. Seriously. It's the antithesis of yoga. It doesn't help you become stronger, and it's not the point. Relish the moments when you fall down more often than find balance. Falling down is a critical part of balance. I FELL DOWN SO MANY TIMES BEFORE I EVER GOT TO THIS POINT and I've fallen down plenty since then. Every single moment is important. Song is EWF "Can't Hide Love" EDIT- hey, @cassandra_fragoso! I don't think it's specifically about being heavier, but I think it's about evenly distributing your weight through your entire hand (fingertips, knuckles, imaginary suction cup I the palm) so that the weight doesn't fall into the wrist. Yoga wrist trauma is ubiquitous across all body types, not just larger bodied people, and we all have to check out alignment so we don't damage the wrists long term. Hope that helps!

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