The Washington Post links to president Bachelet on corruption cases

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The Washington Post published a list of presidents and former presidents of Latin America, involved in corruption scandals, and Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, is part of the list.

The article focus on the situation of the Brazilian president, Dilma Rouseff, who has been pushed to impeachment.

From there on, TWP enumerates the other corruption cases across Latin America, starting from Michelle Bachelet and her relation with the Caval case.

“The daughter-in-law of President Michelle Bachelet has been charged with tax fraud in a lucrative real estate deal that also possibly involved insider information”, stated the publication.

The other leaders engulfed on similar cases are: Cristina Fernández (Argentina), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Otto Pérez Molina (Guatemala), and Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico).

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