WHO did not discarded that vector of Zika could arrived to the Metropolitan region

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Even though Canada and continental Chile were free from the presence of the mosquito, the situation changed after the discovery of Aedes Aegypti in Arica. However, until now, there aren’t any reported cases from people infected by the illness.

Despite of the current weather conditions of Santiago, Roberto Aguila, WHO representative in Chile, did not discard the arrival of the mosquito, and assured that the only way to avoid it is to eradicate the vector from the Chilean territory.

The announcement awaked diverse reactions among the experts. Some of them, like Rafael Araoz, Infectious Disease Specialist, assured that the cold weather of Santiago would avoid the vector reproduction.

On her behalf, Gisela Alarcón, from the Health Ministry, pointed out that the protocol for those who show symptoms of the disease is in action since January.

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