Secret files will reveal the collaboration network during dictatorship

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“We appreciate the decision of the German Government of providing ahead of time the delivery of documents”, said the Chilean Chancellor, Heraldo Muñoz, in reaction to the announcement of German Minister of Foreign Affair in regards to the declassification of secret files about Colony Dignity.

Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, announced that his Government will disclose the secret files of Bavarian Village until 1996. The diplomat also recognizes the German embassy’s failure to help people who fled the colony was not a glorious chapter in his country’s diplomatic history.

Through a public statement, chancellor Muñoz expressed his appreciation for Germany’s decision and reiterated his commitment to continue working in order to clarify the truth in relation to the crimes against humanity perpetrated during dictatorship.

Gabriel Rodríguez, ex political prisoner in Colony Dignity , pointed out that this is a small victory for all those who suffered abuses on this torture center, but he also criticized the Chileans’ lack of conscience regarding this issue.

On his behalf, the PPD deputy, Guillermo Ceroni, assured that this information plays an important role, it will allow the knowledge of the supporting network that the members of the colony had.

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