More than 31,000 affected in Los Lagos due to Red Tide

ARCHIVO | Cristobal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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13,000 craft fishers have been affected due to the sanitary alert that was decreed as result of the detection of red tide at the region of Los Lagos. The guild of fishers is requesting the authorities to decree “zone of disaster”, and expressed their concern related to the modification of the control and surveillance program of the phenomenon.

Southern fishers are annoyed as a consequence of the closure of fishing areas contaminated by red tide, and also because the involved authorities have not taken measures to sanction and restrict the contamination of ships belonging to the salmon industry that are constantly moving contaminated waters from Aysén to Los Lagos.

Zoila Bustamante, president of the National Federation of Chilean Fishers criticized the delay of modifications to the plan of control of the red tide.

On its behalf, Sernapesca Regional Director, Eduardo Aguilera, assured that the new plan is currently in force and has discarded that the spreading of red tide may be related to other aquaculture activities.

Regarding to the phenomenon, experts concluded that red tide it is on it’s initial stage.

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