Opposition accuses Government of “wrecking the economy”

José Carvajal | Agencia Uno
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“Chile Vamos”, has harshly criticized the Government after was revealed that the unemployment rate in Santiago reached 9.4%. The opposition accused Bachelet’s administration of “wrecking the economy” through its reforms, and called out to correct the path.

In their opinion, the fall of the employment rate is the chronicle of a death foretold. According to the opposition, the highest rate of unemployment of the latest 6 years is related to the reforms promised by Michelle Bachelet.

Cristián Monckeberg, president of RN, assured that the changes promoted by the Executive have dangerously lessened the growth and investment capacities, and have increased the uncertainty levels. In addition, he pointed out that the presidential cabinet is unable to provide coherent explanations.

On its behalf, the vicepresident of RN, Luis Mayol, forecasted that the Constitutional reform will exacerbate the economic crisis that Chile is facing.

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