The Cau Cau bridge: “It was meant to be Chile’s first drawbridge”

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The Ministry of Public Works recognized this Tuesday that the works to finish the construction of the Cau Cau bridge in Valdivia, will be more complicated than they expected: they must to demolish the bridge and start from zero. The cost verges on the 40,000 million pesos.

The story about this bridge starts ten years ago, at the first presidential term of Michelle Bachelet, but was builded during the government of the ex-President Sebastián Piñera.

AZVI Chile S.A won the public tender in November of 2011. The cost amounted to 15,768 million pesos.

The construction of the Cau Cau bridge became a milestone for the southern city of Valdivia, and also for the country because it was meant to be the first drawbridge in Chile.

The US$30 million Cau Cau bridge was supposed to open in January of 2014. But the authority in charge announced a delayed after it emerged at least one traffic deck was fitted upside-down.

It was a national embarrassment for Chile and president Sebastián Piñera blamed the Spanish developers for the mistake.

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