Largest whales stranding ever moves scientists to Chilean Patagonia

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After the discovery of the massive die-off of whales at the southern regions of the country, scientists are still trying to figure out what caused the die-off, so it was created an investigation mission made up by 15 institutions. The group of scientist will start working to the end of April. This is the biggest single whale stranding event known to modern history.

During the latest week it was held a special meeting to broach the incident that was discovered at the Chilean Patagonia in 2015: 337 dead Sei whales.

According to La Tercera, Frances Gulland, the Senior Scientist at The Marine Mammal Center in United States, pointed out that ” yes, this is the Largest Stranding Ever”.

At the encounter organized by Sernapesca, Gulland said that ” the dead whales are too many, and because of the remoteness of the area, we are not able to examine the whales directly, but, we want to help”.

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