Alexis Sánchez turned down Arsenal’s renewal offer

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Alexis Sánchez would be leaving the Arsenal. This According to The Time, who stated that the “gunner”, rejected the renewal offer by the English team.

The main reason pointed were that he is not satisfied with the limited competitiveness and the reduce options to participate in international tournaments. Alexis will be taking into consideration the possibility to leave his current soccer team, in the near future

His contract goes on until June 2018, and through his representative, he would have turned down an extension of his contract for three more years and even a salary increase of more than 200,000 euros, pushing the negotiation to the end of the season.

In accordance with Sport, the Arsenal is trying to armor its stars, if they face future offers of other clubs so they can keep its assets. But the player is not convinced of the work the club is doing.

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