Government will appeal to anti-terrorism law for the first time due to incendiary attacks

Andrés Middleton
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The Government announced this morning the submission of legal actions against the responsible for the incendiary attacks registered at the province of Arauco, in Bío Bío.

Rodrigo Díaz, intendant of the region, detailed they will present a lawsuit appealing to the State security law due to the attack of last Saturday, which affected the property belonging to the Besalco company, which provides services to Mininco.

In the same way, Diaz explained they will submit another lawsuit, also appealing to the State security law, because of the incendiary attack perpetrated last Sunday in Tirúa.

In regards to the third incendiary attack, against property of the Catholic University of “La Santísima Concepción”, the local authority ratified they are going to present a complaint appealing to the anti-terrorism law.

The intendant pointed out that they will submitted two different suits because the first two cases were perpetrated against properties, while the third attack included assaults against civilians, specifically against people who have dedicated their lives helping to the Mapuche communities.

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