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Dictatorship’s victims submit lawsuit against Agustín Edwards for inciting the coup

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Victims associations submitted on Thursday a denunciation for “sedition” against Agustín Edwards (El Mercurio), due to his presumed responsibility urging the coup of 1973.

“This is the first time that a denunciation of this kind has been submitted against a civil for his presumed participation in acts of incitation before the military coup which toppled Salvador Allende’s government”, assured Eduardo Contreras, plaintiff lawyer.

“This is the first lawsuit related to crimes before the coup”, said the jurist, explaining that it was requested the prosecution and arresting of the octogenarian owner of one of the biggest press associations in the country and across Latin America.

On his behalf, Miguel Schweitzer, one of Edwards’ lawyers, said to AFP that this denunciation “does not have any sense”, “his client does not have any responsibility in regards to the sedition crimes that are imputed”.

The lawsuit is based on hundreds of documents declassified by the CIA, referring to the financing received by Edwards to impede the advance of the Chilean “left”, among other actions to incite the military coup.

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