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Salmon crisis: Marine Harvest will dismiss 500 workers

Rodrigo Aguilera (RBB)
Rodrigo Aguilera (RBB)
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The biggest salmon producer in the world, Marine Harvest, announced that as a consequence of the crisis and the bad results obtained during 2015, they will have to dismiss at least 500 workers in Chile.

Fish farmers workers described the measure as a strategy for the company, because Marine Harvest will open with new personnel so they don’t have to respect the contractual conditions of its employees.

Gonzalo Reyes, a Seremi authority in Los Lagos, lamented the announcement and pointed out that the dismissals ascend to 3500.

On its behalf, the Norwegian company ratified that they will provide the details of a total restructuring plan which will start on May 11.

In reaction, the Government confirmed that they are evaluating the measures to have a reliable detail of the layoffs, to develop an intervention plan at the region.

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