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“Millionaire” incendiary attack was reported in La Araucanía

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A new incendiary attack was revealed during small hours of this morning in La Araucanía. The burning happened at the province of Malleco, where two forestry machines and a truck loaded with more than 5,000 litres of oil were burned.

According to witnesses, the incident took place at the area of “Faja Los Placeres”, when an uncertain number of people arrived to the place to spray gas over the machines to burn them. The machinery belongs to the Laurel company, which provides services to Masisa.

The owner, Mario García Muñoz, has valued the losses to more than 600 million pesos. In addition he expressed to Radio Bío Bío, that this is the second time he suffers the consequences of an incendiary attack.

At the place was found a cardboard box with diverse pamphlets allusive to the Mapuche cause, among them, some memos in opposition to the construction of an hydroelectric plant and others, requesting the liberation of the independent photographer, Felipe Durán, incarcerated at the Temuco’s jail.

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