Senate approves modifications to “Gag Law”
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With 29 votes in favor and 3 abstentions, the Senate approved the modifications to the “Gag Law”, which punishes those responsible of leaking relevant information of any judicial process.

The law only releases from punishment the journalists, and adds fines for the offenders of the regulation.

The commission counted on the contribution of the Justice Minister, Javiera Blanco and the National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, and decided to reduce the universe of potential offenders to only three categories. In addition, was clarified that journalists are not going to be punished.

The decision came out after the leaking of information of the latest judicial proceedings, in which Chileans politicians were involved. As a result they were accused and prosecuted. The controversy broke out, because this decree emerged right when the corruption scandals were revealed.

On her behalf, the president of the College of Journalists, Javiera Olivares, pointed out that “even though this correction will exempt journalists from judicial charges, it will affect the sources, affecting the free exercise of the profession.

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