President of “Chile Transparente” was the nexus between entrepreneurs and Mossack Fonseca

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The president of the organisation “Chile transparente” is among the Chileans involved in the latest international scandal, after ” Panama Papers” realeased accusations related to tax frauds at tax havens.

The lawyer Gonzalo Delaveau Swett has been mentioned in the list of 200 fake corporations, linked to Chile and created by the firm of Panamanians lawyers Mossack Fonseca

According to Ciper, “Mossack Fonseca appears as the agent of at least five offshore companies established in Bahamas and linked to the mining corporation “Andes Copper”, where Delaveau had a key role as director or secretary of some of them”.

Through these offshore companies, the involved were trying to cover up profits and conceal the identities of the real owners of accounts or partnerships.

Until now, the documents only point out that Delaveau worked as the link between the entrepreneurs and the offices of the Mossack Fonseca lawyers, and has not been accused of being beneficiary of a partnership or account in tax havens.

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