Araucanía Commission will request legislative changes and more resources for inquiries

Rojas Madariaga | Agencia UNO
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This Monday was held the session of the Investigation commission from The Araucania. The meeting was attended by the director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, was kept secret and lasted more than 3 hours.

At the instance were revealed the details about the investigations and the specific information related to the people involved in the incendiary attacks.

The RN deputy and president from the commission, Germán Becker, explained they are going to propose legislative changes, and request more resources for the inquiries and the prevention of the crimes.

Additionally he assured they will work with indigenous people interested on having citizen participation.

On his behalf, the PPD deputy and member of the commission, Joaquín Tuma, has valued the coordination between the police. However, he mentioned the legal limitation they have for introduce new technologies, and he assured there are groups of people involved in the crimes who are not indigenous.

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