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CUT criticizes the Government due to salmon crisis in Los Lagos

Agencia UNO
Agencia UNO
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The president of Llanquihues CUT, José Pacheco, criticized the Regional Government of Los Lagos, due to the limited reaction facing the new wave of dismissals at the salmon industry.

This after the more than 1000 dismissals confirmed by the local industry.

Pacheco revealed that despite that in 2014 they got a work instance named as “the board of salmon” , it didn’t work. “We are hurt by the institutions, which should have worked, but they didn’t, nobody took measures. The Government want to play down the crisis”. he emphasized.

The association of guilds pointed out that the 1150 layoffs, informed last Thursday 31st, in Puerto Montt, belong to the companies: Primar, Planta, Ventisqueros, AquaChile and Multiexport.

According to the leader, the last dismissals, added to the 1200 registered in February in Chiloé, and the 700 workers of the second semester of 2015, add up 3000 dismissed.

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