Threats at La Araucania: “All churches are going to be burned”

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Two churches were burned during Thursday night. Both religious centers were attacked by supporters of the Mapuche cause.

The first incendiary attack took place at the commune of Padre Las Casas, close to 10 pm. when a group of unknown people burned up the catholic chapel of “Santa Joaquina”.

At the place was found a pamphlet allusive to the Mapuche cause, warning that “grandparents and ancestors have also died burned”.

Some hours later, the evangelical church of “the Christian union”, located close to the indigenous community of Antinao, in Ercilla, was also victim of an incendiary attack, and such as happened on the first case, it was found a pamphlet that said ” We are going to burn all churches”, requesting the liberation of the mapuche political prisoners.

On the other side, Government’s authorities met with the highest chiefs of the different operation units at the zone, to broach the situation, considering the five attacks perpetrated in less than 24 hours.

On its behalf, during the morning, the Public Ministry ratified the naming of a special prosecutor to investigate the crimes in La Araucanía.

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