Multiple incendiary attacks at La Araucania

ARCHIVO | Martin Bernetti | Agencia AFP
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Three incendiary attacks were perpetrated during last Thursday night at La Araucania. The terrorist acts have been committed on different points across the region.

The first of the attacks took place at the commune of Padre Las Casas, when a group of unknown people burned up the catholic chapel of “Santa Joaquina”. The religious center was reduced into rubble.

The second incident happened close to Collipulli, where a group of at least 8 hooded people, intercepted a bus belonging to “Cerda” Contractor Forestry Company. The armed criminals stole the bus and then they burned it.

While the third incendiary attack was perpetrated at the house of a property’s carer in Victoria. The police took control of the place, because is a territory of indigenous vindication.

At the scenes of the crimes were found pamphlets alluding to the Mapuche cause, with the exception of the incident in Victoria.

The events are under investigation.

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