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FNE is investigating a possible market concentration due to alliance between LAN and AA

Tonka-Tomicic | Canal-13
Tonka-Tomicic | Canal-13
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The National Economic Prosecuting (FNE) is investigating the alliance subscribed by LATAM, which includes LAN and American Airlines, with the purpose to know if would signify a “market concentration”.

According to El Mercurio, both airlines subscribed an agreement to jointly cover routes between United States and Canada, with South America.

The strategic alliance between both companies took place in January, and all the antecedents were delivered to the FNE.

The alliance will allow to LATAM the access to more than 420 destinations across North America, Europe and South America, while AA will be able to connect more than 90 flights between United States and Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile.

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