Norm will sanction the leaking of confidential information of judicial prosecutions

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Hugo Dolmetsch, president of the Supreme Court has described as a setback, the norm included at the anti delinquency agenda, which sets imprisonment sanctions for those who violate the confidentiality of the prosecution investigations.

According to Dolmetsch, this norm could modify the organization of the tribunals.

“I think that is necessary go over the decision because is like to go back to the secrecy in summary“, he pointed out in relation to the regulation, which was approved by the Constitution Commission of the Senate, the past week.

Although he recognized that this kind of initiatives are part of the Congress faculties, he warned that Chile has always legislated on a rush, right when things happen.

Anyway, Hugo Dolmetsch clarified that in the current law, it does exist a way of control over the publicizing of the judicial process, and assured be impressed by the intention of apply criminal sanctions in that regard.

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