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Nueva Mayoria requests Piñera testify about irregularities at Mining Royalty Law

Javier Valdés Larrondo / Agencia UNO
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Parliamentarians from the Nueva Mayoría, are requesting the subpoena of the ex president Sebastián Piñera, to declare in relation to the investigation against Pablo Longueira, due to the presumed crime of bribery, when the modifications to the mining royalty law were underway.

Regarding to this situation, the deputy of the Communist Party, Hugo Gutiérrez, made a call to end with the privileges of the ex presidents, ” Nobody is over the law”, he claimed.

This, after it was disclosed that the Public Ministry will request the presence of some politicians to testify. Among them are Cristián Larroulet, who was general secretary at Piñera’s administration, Felipe Larraín, ex Financing Minister and Laurence Golborne, ex Mining Minister.

From the Government, the Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, assured that Public Ministry has the right to require the presence of anyone, which demonstrate that the institutions in the Chile are working.

On his behalf, the DC deputy, Fuad Chahín, supported by other parliamentarians, requested the testimony of Sebastián Piñera, to clear up the situation.

In addition, Gutiérrez made a comparison with the situation of Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, ex Brazilian president, who was summoned by the justice in the context of an inquiry against him, due to the presumed crime of money laundering.

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