Forestry Contractors set mobilization in rejection to violence in southern Chile

Carlos Quezada | AgenciaUno
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The Association of Forestry Contractors announced the paralyzation of their activities along three regions of the country, for coming Tuesday. The mobilization is going to be of rejection to the incendiary attacks, that have been perpetrated against them.

According to the antecedents, the mobilization will include, Los Ángeles (Bío Bío), zones close to Lautaro(La Araucanía) and Valdivia (Los Ríos).

The purpose is to paralyze the production and move the machinery by Route 5, to slow down the traffic, but without interrupting circulation.

Angelica Tepper, president of the multi-union at La Araucanía, assured they will join the protest to reject the terrorism, that is affecting to companies and people at the southern of the country.

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