Air Force should disclose identities of pilots who bombed La Moneda in 1973

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Last February 26th, the Council for transparency, agreed to request to the commander-in-chief of the Chilean Air Force, Jorge Robles, the identity of the pilots and copilots who bombed La Moneda in September 11th of 1973.

Additionally, the Council asked for the copies of the flights records and certifications of the Hawker Hunters, which were at service between 10 and 14 of September of that year.

This way, the Council for Transparency, has accepted the writ submitted by the ex member of the Human Rights Program of the Interior Ministry, lawyer Cristián Cruz Rivera, against the FACH, after the Institution refused to give the information.

According to La Segunda, after the lawyer received the refusal, he resorted to the Council of Transparency, Instance that requested to the Air Force, inform if they have the antecedents or give the reference of the information at the tribunals.

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