Bachelet starts third year of government with a disapproval rating of 67%

Filippo Monteforte / AFP
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Michelle Bachelet started her third year of government with a disapproval rating of 67%. This according with Cadem survey, which assured that only 23% of the citizens approve her administration.

Reports revealed that delinquency has been turned into the main concern among Chileans. This way, 29% of the polled suggested that delinquency should be the chief priority of the president. This means a rise of 13 percentage points in relation to 2014.

In regards to the same issue, 85% believe that crime has increased during the last year, while 88% believe that is more violent than before. On this context, 76% are in favor of the project of law of preventive identity check.

Among other secondary concerns were mentioned Health and Education, with 23% and 12% respectively.

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