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Bachelet heads cabinet council to define fiscal adjustment

Ariel Marinkovic | Agencia UNO
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This Monday morning, president Bachelet will lead a cabinet council, to inform to her state secretaries the details of the fiscal adjustment, which was elaborated by the Finance Ministry to face 2016.

The “Nueva mayoría” party, warned that the reforms that have been launched by the Government cannot be affected by the reducing of costs.

While the president of the DC party, senator Jorge Pizarro, explained the points that Government should set, when making this cost cutting.

On his behalf, the president of the Radical Party, Ernesto Velasco, assured they will watch over the modification, to avoid adjustments of the social costs, committed at the fiscal budget.

The big absent on this council, will be Jorge Burgos, the Interior Minister, who is still on vacations at the northern of the country,

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