Burgos claimed they will apply the anti terrorism law at La Araucania when needed

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The Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, held a meeting with the Intendant of Bio Bio region, Rodrigo Díaz, to deal with the last violence episodes, at the province of Arauco. The Vice president of Chile, claimed that they do not have impediments to appeal to the anti-terrorism law.

At the end of the reunion, Burgos assured they are managing successfully diverse troubles that happen in the province and at La Araucania region, like the arresting of gangs thieves of wood but, he recognized that incendiary attacks against trucks have increased.

Regarding to the safety measures , the minister pointed out they have appealed to the anti terrorist law when has been suitable, however, are the tribunals who decide if is applicable or not.

“As needed, we are not going to have any problem to appeal to this law”, the vice president stated, that by the way, has been used twice this week.

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