High expectations due to willingness of Argentina to extradite Galvarino Apablaza

Alex Castillo | Agencia Uno
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The posibility to extradite Galvarino Apablaza gained strenght during the last days, after the Argentinian Justice, determinated that the ex leader of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front and main accused of the assasination of the senator Jaime Guzmán, does not comply with the requirements to be a refugee.

This, because of the litigious Tribunal has determinated that the local legislation cannot give this benefit to someone accused of common crimes.

In 2010 the Argentinian Supreme Court authorized Apablaza’s extradition, but the decision was suspended after the National Commission of Refugees (Conare), provided him the category of refugee.

The Chilean State reacted trying to annul the decision, but the ex frontist and the Government of Cristina Fernández, rejected the lawsuit arguing that Chile did not have the faculties to refute the Conare’s decision.

However, the last judicial sentence of Argentina established that Apablaza is accused of common crimes, thus, he is not in conditions to be a refugee and Chile can request the extradition.

But despite of the UDI aspirations, the Argentinian procedural system it’s still giving help to Apablaza, to avoid his appearance before the Chilean Tribunals.

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