Enap enlarges its field to thermoelectric plants of natural gas

ARCHIVO | Raúl Zamora | Agencia UNO
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This Wednesday, the law that allows ENAP to enter to the electric energy field was enacted. Currently the company has projects of 1200 MW.

The project of law was accepted in October of 2014, giving rise to the 20.897 law, and from then on, Enap is able to participate from tenders to provide of energy to the customers regulated among 2016 and 2018.

The main company project consists of the development of the power plant “Luz Minera”, 760 MW, in the area of Mejillones. The mixed cicle power plant will cost US$758 million, and it is going to supply energy to Codelco´s activities.

On the other hand, the project “Nueva ERA” in Concón, of 510 NW, will cost US$540 million. This thermoelectric plant is also of mixed cicle, which uses natural gas and produced vapor.

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