Professors fear at abuse of preventive identity checks at student mobilizations

Archivo | Carlos Quezada | Agencia UNO
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The Association of Professors has rejected the preventive identity check, established by the Anti-delinquency Agenda, due to “it could infringe upon rights of children and youth”, its president, Jaime Gajardo, assured; in the context of a formal interview with the president of the Supreme Court, Hugo Dolmestch.

In his opinion, the preventive identity check could be a policial tool for attempt against the student movement. “It’s necessary to understand that mobilizations are a legitimate citizen right. Thus, a preventive check of this nature, on a conflict period, can be used to abuse”, he emphasized.

On his behalf, Cristián Cruz, human rights lawyer, pointed out that in every student mobilization, tens of youth are arrested for no reason and assured that police is not prepared to have a legal tool of this features.

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