Chile will subscribe this Thursday February 4th the TPP in New Zealand

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The Chancellery published a statement informing that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, will subscribe the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), during his diplomatic tour in New Zealand.

According to the document, Muñoz will sign the agreement during a ceremony scheduled for the coming February 4th, in Auckland. The event will count with the presence of authorities from the 12 signatory countries.

The free trade agreement ties together 40 percent of the global economy and will become the largest regional accord in history.

Regarding to the benefits, the minister pointed out that “this is a really good accord that will allow the entry of more than 1.600 new products to the countries involved in the TPP. In addition, we will be in conditions to generate economies on a broad scale and global chains of great importance to our country”.

However, the Chilean subscription, has awaked the criticisms of diverse citizen organisms, that even have been protested against the measure.

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