Forestry workers request security and started the blocking to the Horcones plant in Arauco

Carlos Quezada | Agencia UNO
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At Monday night close to 200 truck drivers of forestry transportation, have begun a blocking at the access of the Horcones Complex belonging to the Arauco Cellulose.

Regarding to the situation, Pascual Sagredo, president of the Federation of Transportation and Forestry Workers , pointed out that the mobilization is due to the non-existent response of the Government in front of the request of the union leaders of stopping all the jobs of the Arauco company at Tirúa and Lumaco, because it does not exist security measures for the workers and also for the truck drivers, who have suffered different violence episodes.

“We are demanding to Arauco and to the State the giving of guarantees for the workers. We don’t have guarantees here”, warned Sagredo, who called the Government to make something for the workers safety, “because the situation is serious”.

On his behalf, the provincial governor of Arauco, Humberto Toro, assured to La Radio, that the negotiation doors are still open, and in regards to the mobilization, he assured that the protest is unjustified.

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