Mining unions report new dismissals in the middle of copper crisis

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Once again, dismissals have been registered at the Great Mining. Workers from Lomas Bayas, located at 120 km from Antofagasta, were fired.

Through a statement, the union of workers from Lomas Bayas, reported the dismissal of at least 10 workers, which was done without advance notice.

According to union leaders, the deal between workers and the company, was that the company was committed to not lay anyone off, unless copper prices drop lower than US$2 per pound. which did not happen.

In Chile (the main copper producer worldwide), the direct foreign investments, mainly gathered at the mining sector, fell down 10% from January to August of 2015, according to the Cepal´s report.

Even big companies as Anglo-American, need to reduce their staff in almost two thirds and also terminate some shortfall mines.

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