Zika Virus:Mayor of Rapa Nui accused lack of protocols by health authorities

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The Chilean continental climate, according with the WHO, is the main barrier that attempts against the entry of the mosquito, responsible of the Zika virus transmission, that has been spread across 22 countries and territories of the American continent.

Despite of the Atacama desert affords to our country an essential shield against this kind of illnesses, Easter Island could be a possible target. Even more because in 2014 the zone reported one of the first cases of Zika Virus of the Continent.

Regarding to this eventual situation, Pedro Edmuns, mayor of Rapa Nui, assured that the prevention plan has been well executed, but he accused to the Hanga Roa’s Hospital for not being accomplish the needed protocol in order to confront and detect eventual outbreaks of the virus.

The doctor and representative of the Chilean WHO, Roberto del Águila, has explained that a new outbreak at Easter Island is unlikely.

On her behalf, the Health minister, Carmen Castillo, assured that Rapa Nui has experience on the elimination of this mosquito, and warned that her department will maintain the situation at the zone under control.

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