Project that considers prison for companies involved in political campaigns is in process

Nadia Pérez | Agencia UNO
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The project that seeks the imposition of more regulations to the financing of political campaigns, has moved forward to the third stage of processing, after being delivered by the senate.

This norm pretend to impede the finance contribution of companies to the politic, and provide to the Servel stronger attributions of control in order to finish with the secret contributions.

According to the project, the fines for those who make contributions outside the law, would be a triple of the contribution. While, the prison sentences would be 61 days to 3 years.

On that point lies one of the main differences, because, originally, the project established imprisonment of medium term sentence, 541 days to 3 years. And now the sentence would have been reduced.

For those cases in which the contributions are inferior to 50 UF or almost .300.000 pesos, the Servel’s lawsuit is not going to be mandatory.

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