Onemi:Volcanic activity at the Nevados de Chillan is just a “brief pulse of ashes”

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The Onemi referred about the eruptive activity registered this Friday afternoon at the Nevados de Chillán volcanic complex, located in the communes of Pinto and Coihueco at the Bío Bío region.

An important cloud of ash was recorded by tourists during the day. Some time ago Sernageomin decreed technical yellow alert due to the increase of the seismic activity on the place.

In case of changes on the volcanic activity, the authority will evaluate the situation and the eventual coordinations with emergency organisms.

According to the information provided by Miguel Ortiz from the Onemi to the Espectador Digital, almost 500 people were evacuated from the Termas de Chillán, voluntarily. Because doesn’t exist a formal order for it.

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