Cencosud discarded its participation on the supermarkets’ collusion case

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The Cencosud supermarket chain discarded the participation of any of its companies-Jumbo or Santa Isabel- on the collusion case disclosed this week. And has qualified the behavior as inaceptable.

The denunciation of the FNE assures that Walmart Chile, SMU and Cencosud have coordinated to fix prices of products derivates from chicken meat. The accusation came out after the investigation of collusion of chicken producers.

Through a public statement of four points, the holding company managed by Horst Paulmann, assured that is going to defend its innocence.

In addition Cencosud expressed being surprised due to the accusation of the Economic National Prosecuting, because in 2012 they were described as victims of the “chicken collusion”.

Other point adds that for Cencosud “the collusion is an inaceptable practice which deserves the largest repudiation. Making clear that their executives are participating since 2008 on programs about good practices and compliance of free market.

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