UDI deputies want to punish with prison all those who praise Allende

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The UDI deputies, Gustavo Hasbun, Jorge Ulloa and Ignacio Urrutia, submitted a project of law to sanction those who pretend to praise, deny or minimize the acts of Governments or presidents who have violated the Constitution, by giving as example the figure of Salvador Allende.

As sanction, the legislators, suggest the sentence of minor prison and the fine of 5 UTM.

In spite of the parliamentary motion doesn’t mention Allende’s Government directly, the text of the project does. Because they placed the UP administration as an example of a Government who has flagrantly violated the Constitution and laws.

The document points out that “under Allende’s regime, were perpetrated many transgressions to constitutional guarantees such as property rights, free association and movilization, reunion rights and other constitutional rights that have left unrepairable losses and that until today the victims and their relatives are suffering the consequences”.

The initiative set out that ” the defense of the human rights of every Chilean is important and essential. But also is important emphatically condemn every act that promoted and is causing disagreement inside the Chilean family, provoking breakdowns to our institutionality and violations to the human rights”.

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