Cencosud, SMU and Walmart Chile have been denounced due to price-fixing

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The three main chains of supermarkets in the country have been denounced by the Economic National Prosecuting (FNE) because they have improperly coordinated the prices of selling of fresh chicken meat.

On the requirement to the Defense tribunal of free competence (TDLC), the authority is soliciting the maximum fines, almost US million per each company.

The FNE also highlighted that is about a product of high sensibility with an important capacity to generate traffic at the stores.

To the end of 2011, Cencosud, SMU and Walmart amassed together the 92.5% of the supermarket industry.

The denounce arises after the investigation of the collusion case of Ariztía, Agrosuper and Don Pollo. The persecutor entity recorded that the situation would have occured among 2008 and 2011.

“The purpose of the imputed behavior was regularize the market and avoid the war of prices between supermarkets”, the document said.

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