Greenpeace tries to measure impact of climate change over Chilean glaciers

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The NGO pointed out that human activities and the climate change are generating an impact that could being determinated through a study made by analyzing the glaciers with x-ray. The technique is known as radio – glaciology.

Two glaciologists and one climatologist made up the team who arrived to the Amalia’s and Pío XI glaciers, the biggest in South America.

Through a statement, Greenpeace pointed out that “the main purpose was to establish the current state of the glaciers and the decrease of its mass in order to make an estimation of how these huge ice bodies are going to disappear because of human intervention”.

” We are talking about one of the most important environmental patrimonies of the planet and regretfully our country hasn’t been responsible to preserve them”, Estefanía González from the NGO, assured.

In addition the NGO installed two photographic camaras on the Amalia’s glacier which have been programmed to take 7 photos daily per a month, to generate a timelapse to capture the glacier setback.

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