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Congress’ bank:Audit revealed interest-free-loans given to deputies

Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile
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This Tuesday El Mercurio published an audit’s analysis assuming that the Congress have loaned free-interest-money to five deputies who have been only identified by number.

The audit was made by the Ossandon & Ossandon consulting agency, and have been set out many weaknesses, and among them, “the granting of loans. ” Over the revision of the internal control until December 31 of 2014, we have detected the granting of loans to a deputy on 2013 and also two other loans given in 2014, that have been deducted in 28 fees without any kind of readjustment”, the study stated.

Ossandon & Ossandon has identified to the deputies involved by numbers and not by names. Thus , their conclusions stated that Deputy number 1 solicited a loan of 18 million pesos. On his behalf , deputy number 2 asked for a loan of 12 million pesos, while deputy number three received a loan of 24 million pesos. Deputies 4 and five took loans of 6 million pesos and 200 thousand pesos, respectively.

Among their conclusion the consulting agency pointed out that the accounting records of those transactions are wrong and also unclear, because the loans are registered as an expense and not as an account to be paid by a third. This way, these irregularities make difficult the control of the transactions.

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