Supreme Court sentenced illicit association between DINA and Colonia Dignidad

Colonia Dignidad
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The Court of Appealing in Santiago ratified the sentences against the ex-members of the Direction of National Inteligence (DINA) and ex-members of Colonia Dignidad due to illicit association to perpetrate different crimes at the Maule’s region.

As a result of a divided verdict, the Supreme Court ratified the sentences of 4 years of prison to the ex- colonists Kurt Schnellemkamp Nelaimischtzke, Gerhard Wolfgang Mücke Koschitzke and Karl van den Berger Schuurman, and to the ex-members of the DINA Octavio Espinoza Bravo and Fernando Gómez Segovia as well.

The sentence of first instance was pronounced in April of 2014, by minister Jorge Zepeda, where was proved that Colonia Dignidad served as base for the construction of a hierarchical structure to plan and execute many crimes like grievous bodily harm, use of illegal armament, rape of minors and violation to Human Rights.

In addition, the Supreme Court ratified the acquittal of the ex colonists Rebeca del Carmen Schäfer Schneider, Peter Schmidt Spinti, Friedhelm Zeiner Bohnau and Matthias Gerlach Maschke.

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