Investigation of the death of whales continues, human intervention hasn’t been discarded

Ballena Sei | El Pingüino
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More than 300 specimen of Sei Whales were found dead among the Gulf of Penas and Puerto Natales. Incident that has been inquired by the Police of Investigation. While the scientists are trying to elucidate the strange way of decease of the cetaceans.

For Anelio Aguayo, investigator of the Chilean Antartic Institute (Inach) and one of the most important specialist on cetaceans of the country, this is a very important event for the science. ” Never, in any place of the country and of the world ,we have had this quantity of dead whales, in the same exact place and from the same specie“, he assured.

” We want to know which are the causes of death of this population who already are becoming extinct”, the specialist explained.

According to Aguayo, among the causes it cannot be discarded geological reasons, like submarine volcanos, intoxication because of red tide or even warlike excercises that could have affected the whales’ audition, a vital sense for the orientation of the cetaceans.

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