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The only accused due to the assassination of Erica Hagan was absolved by the justice

Domingo Cofre | Agencia UNO
Domingo Cofre | Agencia UNO
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This morning the Chilean justice pronounced the verdict against the only accused due to the homicide of the American psychologist, Erica Hagan, who was found dead inside the Baptist School of Temuco in September of 2014.

Domingo Cofré Ferrada, was arrested almost a week later of the discovering of the crime. After a breaking and entering where the Police of Investigation found blood spots on the man’s shoes that possibly had relation with the scene of the crime.

However, this Wednesday the justice decided to absolve the ex-doorman of the Baptist School, arguing that it didn’t exist certainty to point to Cofré as the author of the assassination.

During the trial process, the defense of the only imputed presented just one testimony corresponding to an expert, like the only evidence of innocence of Cofré. While the prosecuting removed all the other evidence of charge.

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