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The Hagan case: Tomorrow will be set the verdict against the only accused

Erica Faith Hagan | Google +
Erica Faith Hagan | Google +
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This Tuesday were made the closing allegations on the trial due to the homicide of the American psychologist, Erica Hagan, which was discovered on September 6th of 2014 inside the Baptist School of Temuco.

The process that began on December 11th was scheduled to end until 31th of the current month, but because of the distinct situations happened during the eight hearings, it was determined shorten the trial.

During this morning has finished the presentation of evidences against the only accused on this case, Domingo Cofré, and then, the Public Ministry and the representatives of the one imputed made their closing allegations.

The verdict will be given tomorrow Wednesday at 13.30 pm at the installations of the Guarantee Tribunal of Temuco. Despite of the evidence that relates Cofré with the assassination of the woman, he has insisted on his innocence.

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