Central Bank:”Chile should be get used to the low valuation of our raw material”

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The president of the Central Bank, Rodrigo Vergara, expounded before the entrepreneurs of Icare, the political economy report (IpoM) belonging to December, which was officially published on Monday.

On this opportunity, Vergara pointed out that the estimations for 2016 have been assumed with realism, facing to the extremely positive assessments made by the market.

The Central Bank has reduced on the IpoM of December, the projection of economic development for 2016, changing from 2.5% and 3.5 percent, announced in September, to 2% and 3 percent. The numbers are in compliance with the estimations of the market, according to the survey of Economic Expectation. The issuing entity has placed the pound in US$ 2.25 and the inflation over the 4%.

In the frame of the Icare activity, celebrated this morning at Casa Piedra, Vergara has also referred about the corporate debt which have been increased for over the GDP, reaching the 121%, showing certain degree of vulnerability.

The president of the Central Bank, encouraged to the entrepreneurs to be aware the implications of the current price of the copper, highlighting that “Chile should be get used to the low valuation of our raw material”.

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